Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I think I'm in Love now,

Out with the old, in with the new.. well at least for today.

So for the past five years. Yes, I said five. I have been wearing the same lip color. The best pale pink of all time, Florabundance, also known as my complete comfort zone. Ask any of my friends, including the guys, they all know I can't live with out it. It's like I don't feel myself if I don't have pale lips. I'll search my car, bedroom, house, everywhere for my gloss until I find it. I simply can not leave without it. There were many times that I would lose my "chap stick" as I like to call it (even though its clearly gloss as MAC makeup labels it "lip glass"), anyways, many times I'd lose my chap stick and I'd be late to work, events, dinner, etc, just because I would have to run to Nordstrom to get a new one. Then the next day, I'd find my so called "lost" chap stick and be very happy that I now had two. Obviously a backup.

MAC makeup has this deal. The company is totally on the recycle/ save the planet band wagon. If you have six empty makeup containers, (mascara, gloss, shadow, foundation, whatever), they will give you a free lip stick or lip glass of your choice for bringing them back in to "recycle". Obviously, I love this recycle thing because within a month I have already gone through 6 chap sticks.

About two weeks ago I take in my six, the girls at the MAC counter know me by name and say to me, "Florabundance?" I reply, "as usual".. I never really look at anything new they have, simply because I'm not interested. All I want is pale, light, nude, and nothing else. Though this was a random day. Something told me to check out the new line. So I did. I saw it was called "Wonder woman"... I'm like uhhh... I like this... So I see this hot pink color of lip glass that has a violet tint to it. Instantly I am like" whaa????" It is very rare to find a hot pink that has a blue violet base instead of a red orange base. I like everything neutral, very cool tones such as white, black, gray, blue purple, green, not warm tones such as pink red and orange... Never in a million years would I think, I want to wear hot pink lips today.. but for some reason, this lip glass was yelling my name asking me to try it on.. so I did, and wtf, I totally loved it. Since spring is around the corner, (might I add on how I keep trying to trick the weather by wearing heels to get the sun to shine), I thought, what the hell, might as well where some hot as fuck pink violet lip gloss. So I bought it, with the Florabundance of course.

So this lip gloss has been siting in my beauty bar drawer for a good two weeks, one day of which I seriously contemplated taking it back, as I was thinking to myself, I will never actually wear this crap.

Today though, the sun was shining and I decided to go against all odds, and put the damn lip gloss on. I knew I had to keep it simple as you should never wear bold lips with bold eyes. You have to pick one or the other. My usual is darker eyes with pale lips, so today I wore a simple basic eye, simple black liner and a little blush.. then the vaa vaa vaavoom lhot pink gloss. I was hesitant, and honestly took it off twice then re-applied before convincing myself it was the shit.

I'm proud to say, this hot pink lip thing kicks major ass. I got to work and my clients were like holy shiz, amazing lip color, My co-worker asked to wear it too, and on top of all this great feedback, the parking attendant gave me parking for $3.00 instead of the normal $25.00.... total score.

So thank you Hot Violet Pink, I think I'm in love now.

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