Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Take me to the time machine...

Step into a time machine, get out of the 21st century and rewind to the 1940's. Here, you will find yourself in the most current hair fashion craze. 

For the last few years, the most worn style has been the beachlike messy waves. Gals achieved this by wrapping their locks around a curling iron, or by using a flat iron. Everybody loves the messy, dont care, just had sex, bed head look...sadly, this look is  fading out. 

Silently, I'm thinking to myself, "I'm totally guilty of styling my hair like this constantly... shit! What do I do now?" As I know all of you ladies out there are thinking the same exact thing... 

Have no fear, the answer is here.. Rewind your hair fashion to the 1940's and you will find just what you're looking for; Fingerwaves and pin curls. Yes ladies, I said it, fingerwaves and pincurls.. Now don't be so scared. This look is stunning. Very classy, very ladylike, and very make me wanna ugh ugh... Keep it tight or brush it out, either way, it'll make you look so sexy, you wont know what to do with yourself!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bell Bottoms? YES.

With Spring around the corner, its time to do some cleaning.. of the closet.

Last year, well actually the past few years, it's been all about the skinnys. Whether it's J brand skinny jeans, Current Elliot Black Skinnys, or the Denial Denim "Jeggings", they're all tight fitting.

This Spring, its going to change, not completely but here's a new trend to spice up the closet. The next time your out shopping in need of some new pants, instead of getting the usual skinnys, aim for the bell bottom. I know, I know, you're thinking to yourself, "ha, yeah right", but seriously, do it. They are actually back in style, as fashion always recycles trends.

So get off your butt, go downtown, and spice up your spring wardrobe by buying some bell bottoms. I promise you wont be sorry.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I think I'm in Love now,

Out with the old, in with the new.. well at least for today.

So for the past five years. Yes, I said five. I have been wearing the same lip color. The best pale pink of all time, Florabundance, also known as my complete comfort zone. Ask any of my friends, including the guys, they all know I can't live with out it. It's like I don't feel myself if I don't have pale lips. I'll search my car, bedroom, house, everywhere for my gloss until I find it. I simply can not leave without it. There were many times that I would lose my "chap stick" as I like to call it (even though its clearly gloss as MAC makeup labels it "lip glass"), anyways, many times I'd lose my chap stick and I'd be late to work, events, dinner, etc, just because I would have to run to Nordstrom to get a new one. Then the next day, I'd find my so called "lost" chap stick and be very happy that I now had two. Obviously a backup.

MAC makeup has this deal. The company is totally on the recycle/ save the planet band wagon. If you have six empty makeup containers, (mascara, gloss, shadow, foundation, whatever), they will give you a free lip stick or lip glass of your choice for bringing them back in to "recycle". Obviously, I love this recycle thing because within a month I have already gone through 6 chap sticks.

About two weeks ago I take in my six, the girls at the MAC counter know me by name and say to me, "Florabundance?" I reply, "as usual".. I never really look at anything new they have, simply because I'm not interested. All I want is pale, light, nude, and nothing else. Though this was a random day. Something told me to check out the new line. So I did. I saw it was called "Wonder woman"... I'm like uhhh... I like this... So I see this hot pink color of lip glass that has a violet tint to it. Instantly I am like" whaa????" It is very rare to find a hot pink that has a blue violet base instead of a red orange base. I like everything neutral, very cool tones such as white, black, gray, blue purple, green, not warm tones such as pink red and orange... Never in a million years would I think, I want to wear hot pink lips today.. but for some reason, this lip glass was yelling my name asking me to try it on.. so I did, and wtf, I totally loved it. Since spring is around the corner, (might I add on how I keep trying to trick the weather by wearing heels to get the sun to shine), I thought, what the hell, might as well where some hot as fuck pink violet lip gloss. So I bought it, with the Florabundance of course.

So this lip gloss has been siting in my beauty bar drawer for a good two weeks, one day of which I seriously contemplated taking it back, as I was thinking to myself, I will never actually wear this crap.

Today though, the sun was shining and I decided to go against all odds, and put the damn lip gloss on. I knew I had to keep it simple as you should never wear bold lips with bold eyes. You have to pick one or the other. My usual is darker eyes with pale lips, so today I wore a simple basic eye, simple black liner and a little blush.. then the vaa vaa vaavoom lhot pink gloss. I was hesitant, and honestly took it off twice then re-applied before convincing myself it was the shit.

I'm proud to say, this hot pink lip thing kicks major ass. I got to work and my clients were like holy shiz, amazing lip color, My co-worker asked to wear it too, and on top of all this great feedback, the parking attendant gave me parking for $3.00 instead of the normal $25.00.... total score.

So thank you Hot Violet Pink, I think I'm in love now.

nourishment for the soul

It's March? and well.. it's cold outside. and when I say cold, I mean burr, like shivering spine when you step outside the door. It's like my dress selection in my so called "closet" is silently yelling at me for rarely being picked to wear. My heels aren't as mad as, I try to wear them daily in hopes that Spring will recognize my loyalty to the sun and feel bad for holding out on me, and then let the sun come early.. sadly I don't think this is going to happen, as the forecast say its supposed to rain/"snow" for the ten days...

This year I made several resolutions, two of which go hand in hand with one another, which I made to "help" me get through this season of winter whining.. and surprisingly, they are totally working :)

The first was that I wanted to make a cookbook. yeah yeah yeah, so julie and julia, i know, such a copy cat. But whatever. So in the past month I've conquered soup, some shrimp, truffles and a sweet pie. (pictures and recipes will come soon)

The second was to embrace the cold. At first when I made this goal, I was thinking to myself, "yeah right, I wont actually do this". Surprisingly though, I totally have, and it's seemed to replenish my soul each time. So when I say, "embrace the cold", I mean, get off my ass and go outside whether its raining or not, and work off the fabulous food that I stewed up in the kitchen the night before. 

On my most current outside adventure, I had an epiphany. 

I went to discovery park (one of my most recent favorite parks), and I hiked a few miles down to this light house on the edge of the Puget Sound waters. When I started this stroll, my phone left in my car and my keys in my sweatshirt pocket, my mind was like a roller coaster of questions that I continually kept asking myself... Mind I add that the sky was clouded gray as usual... Right before I started down the steep trail through the trees to the beach, I asked the lord to guide me. To guide my life in the direction it was meant to go. To answer these questions I had. To let me know faith was real because I had be lead so astray from my faith, especially after my ex Tyron took his life, leaving me left with so many questions that could not be answered... or, so I thought.. anyways.. I start down the trail and am just completely lost in my thoughts.. It's like I was singing the Pixies song, "Where is my mind".. I was thinking real hard life questions wondering why they arent being answered... I finally get down to the entrance to the beach, and as I was walking on the sand to get to the light house, the clouds began to break..

 This caught my eye, obviously, as sun always does. But this really had my attention. Simply because the day was so cloudy on the verge of dumping down rain like a waterfall.. I was wondering how the weather could just change like that? and then it hit me.

"The questions that lurk in the shadows shall come to light"

I kept this thought in  my head the entire hike back up the trail trying to figure out what I was trying to be told. 
Meanwhile, I get almost to the top of the trail and realize that my keys that I had placed in my pocket, were no longer there. I panic'd for a quick second pissed off thinking to myself, "seriously!!, do I really have to hike  back down this steep ass trail that I am exhausted from to try to "look" for my keys that are going to be impossible to find.??" I then cussed a few foul words to myself and asked myself continually, "if I were my keys, where would i be? in a good f*ucking hiding spot probably".. I said this several times and then calmed myself back down with the same thought I had down at the beach, "The questions that lurk in the shadows shall come to light".

It was obvious. God was totally speaking to me. He was answering me in the biggest way without saying a word. Simply because he didn't have to. So I quit my freak out, and put my faith in Him that I would find my lost keys. The clouds that broke free down at the water were now breaking further up the trail towards my car.. As I walked, I was looking left and right down at the ground for my keys.. and suddenly, I look up and the sun is shining, and I'm starring at a bench. I walk up to the bench, and was in completely shock not only because the sun was blaring through the clouds, but shocked because there lay my keys. On a bench, that I never sat or stopped at on the way down. I thought to myself, holy shit, I just had an epiphany. When I started my hike I was asking all these questions wondering if I was being heard. And I completely got answered. From questions of where are my keys, to asking for the sun to shine to get me through this whining winter season, to the question of is my faith being heard. It totally was. God or whoever it is out there wanted it to be known that my questions I was asking in dark came to light when they needed to. My faith is heard loud and clear, Spring is coming, and my keys, well they were on the bench. like, duh!

I get back to my car and had this amazing feeling inside. It was like weight lifted off my back. Weight that just got lifted off by faith. Faith letting me know, I wasn't alone. It was like nourishment to the soul.


I will keep this thought close with me;

"The questions that lurk in the shadows shall come to light"