Wednesday, November 30, 2011

blow me out

I want you. I need you. Oh baby! Oh baby!

Want what.. your thinking? A Blow Out! Now ladies get your mind out of the gutter, I said blow out, not blow job.. but let me enlighten you on why you want and NEED this in your life..

We all want that Victoria Secret hair that makes men and woman scream SEXY! The question is, how do you get that that hot hair? The answer: A Blow Out!

So what exactly is a "Blow Out"? It's your new best friend #duh! No, but seriously, blow outs are the shiz! A blow out is where you get your hair washed, and then blown out with perfection to any desired look using just a round brush and a blow dryer. No flat irons or curling rods needed. Your locks are blown dry with your natural movement leaving your hair big and bouncy with a style that can last 3-5 days! (I try to go 7)

This is perfect for the working woman who is on the run from city to city, or for the mom that has 3 kids with events going on from the time they wake up to the time the sun is setting. Or maybe you're going out for the night with people you haven't seen in a while? Perhaps a hot date? Any of these occasions are perfect for getting a blow out!

So save your time, and go try it out! Seattle's Best Blow Dry Bar is
Swink Style Bar
They have two locations, one downtown and one at U-Village.

its only $35 and in about 35 min, you'll be so you, only better!

#getreal &  #getablowout

Fur.. Sure!

I walk outside this morning, and there was FROST on my car! It was freezing! So I thought to myself, "how do animals survive in this cold weather??" and then it struck me, "Oh ya, their fur coat."
I began thinking.. If they have one, we should too! 
You don't have to spend a million dollars to get these amazing pieces either! 
The secret? Thirft shop, but be picky!

Monday, November 28, 2011

intertwine #hair

Hair and make up set the mood with style, but braids take style to an entirely different level.

Take a look at the braids for 2012.






Take a step up, intertwine your style. #braid