Friday, October 7, 2011

test the waters

I woke up this morning and saw that it's raining, its pouring, and my shoe collection is snoring.. I instantly was thinking "crap! none of my closed toed shoes fit the season.." so I did what any girl would do, and jumped in the shower, got ready in like 20 minutes and headed straight to downtown to swoop up some shoes to cover my toes! Of course I could have gone with the typical riding boot that everyone and there mom has.. but I didn't want that. not at all actually! I wanted a sassy boot. something that says, "im urban, but I'm totally chic at the same time".. I went to Nordstroms and found nothing! I began to panic! I onyl had 30 minutes to get to work... As I was walking in fast pace back to my car, I saw the window display to Urban Outfitters.. I walked pasted it, then something was telling me TURN AROUND! I pulled a 180 and walked into the store only to find exactly what I was looking for! The perfect Urban/Chic wedge boot!

So for all you ladies that I know woke up thinking the exact same thing, go get these boots and test the rain waters with out getting your toes wet.